Louise McSharry defends Jamie Lee O’Donnell

Ryan Tubridy’s recent Late, Late Show interview with Derry Girls star Jamie Lee O’Donnell made
headlines when O’Donnell made it clear she was not comfortable with his questions.

One question, regarding her age irked O’Donnell so much that she called it misogynistic.

Since then, many have added their opinion to the conversation, most recently Louise McSharry, who
defended O’Donnell in what she said.

Speaking with Cassie Delaney on her podcast Catch Up With Louise McSharry, the former 2fm presenter
said she completely understood where O’Donnell was coming from;
“I understand where she’s coming from.
Her point is men don’t have to talk about their age. Men aren’t judged so much for their age in her
industry and age is a big thing.
I think that’s a fair point, that it is a slightly misogynistic question.”

She went on to say that that while she understood Tubridy may have just asked the question due to
O’Donnell playing a teenager on Derry Girls, she felt his handling of O’Donnell’s response was
“I think the real problem is that he would not let her speak then. He got flustered, he got defensive.”
O’Donnell’s Derry Girls co-star Tara Lynne O’Neill, who plays Mary, has also voiced her support for the
up-and-coming star.

O’Neill referred to O’Donnell as a forward-thinking girl who should have been allowed to answer the
question without interference.

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