Indie rockers RAGERRA return with a new anthem “Old”

RAGERRA are back with the release of their new single and third track of the year with Old. Released on September 12th, Old really cements the band’s sound as a hook-laden, indie rock outfit with no apologies at being so. 

Singer Mark Boyle says “Old is quite reflective of the past couple of years, especially over the pandemic, it felt like time rushed by quite so quickly. I wrote the song from the point of view of noticing a lot of change in myself and my surroundings throughout. It was strange to watch Covid rob us of our time and our youth. Lyrically, there are some tongue and cheek moments throughout the song around some of the situations we all faced throughout various lockdowns and overall the song is more dynamic in sound than some of our previous music.”

Old really highlights RAGERRA’S further change in sound and whilst guitars feature heavily, there are some woving synth elements that lock in a more poppy sense to the track, making it instantly memorable.

When it comes to live shows, RAGERRA bring a fresh and brilliant energy to the stage and they’re set to play two festival dates as the season comes to a close. Catch RAGERRA live at Playing Fields this Friday, August 26th and Fishtown at Electric Picnic on Sunday August 4th. 

RAGERRA – Old is out Friday, September 12th on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all other major streaming channels. 

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