Fashion app Mys Tyler launches in Ireland matching users with clothing to suit their body shape

  • Fashion app Mys Tyler matches users with clothes to suit their body type, using sophisticated AI as well as content creators who upload fashion finds and offer recommendations about the best fit. 
  • Mys Tyler was created by Australian woman Sarah Neill who was frustrated with some many different sizing options in the fashion industry, while buying fashion online can be a gamble without trying things on first. 

    Mys Tyler is described as both a social media meets shopping app, using sophisticated AI along with users’ recommendations on clothing fits, to match app users with Mys Tyler’s army of influencers who are constantly uploading looks and tagging where items were purchased from.  Fashion lovers can then find items that will suit the user’s body type, avoiding dud buys and ill-fitting clothes.   

    You can follow various content creators via the app to discover new fashion and shop for clothes that fit you and your body shape. Already 300,000 users are on the app, using it for both shopping and showing their fashion finds. Once you log in and input your body type and sizing, you can then match with people who share a similar figure to you from across the globe, follow them, discover and shop for clothes that won’t disappoint you when they arrive at your door.   

The app launches in Ireland today.

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