DAY_S returns with a brand new single ‘Therapy’ out today

DAY_S the Dublin-based solo artist returns with brand new music today, ‘Therapy’ is out now

And shares details of his forthcoming, debut EP ‘Born To Be Alone’ out on October 28th .

‘Therapy’ is all about self-expression, letting your feelings be known & shouting them out loud. The lyrics traverse over a driving rhythm as the guitar mimics the screaming emotion. ‘The song is about

making your emotions real and being able to dance with them.’

DAY_S who blurs the lines between rock, punk, and hip-hop, grew up listening to Nirvana and hip hop but pulled influences from Jeff Buckley to Steven Tyler. From a young age, he mastered the skill

of song-writing as well as playing piano and guitar. DAY_S had a strong and impressive start to hiscareer already, he has been busy establishing himself as an intriguing rising talent on the Irish scene.

He has released a number of singles, with just under 1.5 million streams on his debut single, “Last Night” and more tracks that were equally popular, such as “Elbows,”Dangerous” and “Fever,” each

of which represented a natural maturity of his distinctive sound.

As a still relatively unknown artist, he has amassed an incredible 4.5Million Global streams and has previously earned the accolades as 2FM’s Rising ArtistGoldenplecs Fresh Picks, and featured on

Mango x Mathman 2018’s Choice Music Prize nominated song of the year ‘Lord Hear Us’.

Having worked with Diffusion Lab for the last few years developing and honing the artist he is now, having transitioned into a grungier, more unabashed style that feels like the artists he wants to

present to the world, the timing felt right to release his debut EP “Born To Be Alone” as his firstmajor statement piece.

The no-nonsense lyrics and the hard-driving melodies almost giving homage to early Nirvana, combined with dynamic beats produced by Diffusion Lab’s very own Benza, bring DAY_S to a new

level. The five-track EP tells the story of a character whose had enough and is done with hiding how they feel. The stand-out tracks like “Therapy” and “Radar ft Jafaris”really highlight DAY_S self-awareness and elevate him to a whole new level.

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1) Dangerous

2) Fever

3) Therapy

4) Radar

5) In The Way

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