Irish designer solves love-hate leggings crisis with SENSIBLE SIMPLE SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING

When they’re good, they’re very very good; but, when they’re bad, they’re shapeless, see-through, and they irritatingly migrate south, straight for your knees, when you walk!

The humble legging has been a wardrobe staple for decades.  Along with jeans and tees they are among the most worn items in many women’s wardrobes, according to image consultant and designer, Gail Doyle of Gail’s Rails.

But, with the perfect basic black legging proving elusive for most of her clients, Gail Doyle has stepped into the breach with SENSS, her new ‘sensible, simple, sustainable’ clothing range, which launches next week (11th October 2022).  

And, the perfect, affordable little black legging is a debut piece in the new SENSS collection.

Comfortable, practical fabric is the starting point for the eco-friendly clothes range.  Natural bamboo fabric and organic cotton were selected to produce wonderfully soft, crease-resistant clothing that is so much better for sensitive skin and for long-term freshness. 

Fabrics made using bamboo offer excellent ventilation, thanks to microscopic holes in the fibres, SENSS designer, Gail Doyle, explains.  

“There is excellent heat regulation, so it is a sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic fabric.  It also protects against UV radiation.  Added to that are the benefits of sustainable, organic fabrics, that lessen environmental impact, and the Fairtrade aspect of fair pay and working conditions”.

A qualified personal stylist and seamstress, Gail Doyle started a fashion blog on social media six years ago.  Gail’s Rails now has 90,000 followers.   

As well as online image consultations and boutique and brand showcasing, the style maven does group masterclasses and one-to-one styling and personal shopping appointments.

Her versatile clothing collection was prompted by the difficulties many women had in finding good basic wardrobe staples.  She spotted a gap in the market to design simple, sensible good quality clothing that women need on a daily basis, which is ethically sourced, affordable and lasting, in contrast to cheap, uncomfortable fast-fashion.

“It seems bizarre that so many of us struggle to find supportive leggings, for example.   Something that keeps us cool, stays in place without wiggling down, is not see through, holds its shape after washing, and avoids the dreaded camel-toe isn’t a lot of ask for!  So, I got the sketch pad and fabric charts out and I set to work”, Gail says. 

A trusted and very flattering V-neck bamboo t-shirt is also included in the SENSS collection.  Suited to all body shapes, with cleverly designed angel sleeves for a flattering arm, these new top tees are a versatile wardrobe addition, dressed up smartly or casually dressed down.

The heavy quality bamboo and organic cotton fabric feels incredibly soft against the skin, is never see-through, and holds its shape perfectly after washing, according to the designer. 

“Natural fabrics are a great choice for menopausal women too, as they help regulate body temperature and don’t irritate sensitive skin.  

Fast fashion is never going to change unless we change, as designers and consumers, so here’s hoping Irish women will see the sense in choosing SENSS”.

Launching on 11th October, 2022, check out

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