Selló debut mixtape ‘SellóTape’, out October 14th

The Clondalkin Gaelic Drill rapper is delighted to confirm the official release for his mixtape ‘‘Sellótape’ coming on Friday October 14th, 2022

Named as Irish Times 50 Best People to Watch in 2022 and earning the prestigious cover page in January edition, the 22 year old has pioneered ‘Gaelic Drill’,  a fusion of traditional Irish culture with the modern drill/ hip hop sound,  a new era of music that is heavily focused on reviving classic samples and giving them a new lease of life for his generation.

The mixtape celebrates Black Irishness with his relatable and sharp lyrics, all weaved with Gaeilge,  Celtic beats and using legendary samples from the likes of Sinead O’Connor and Radie Peat. Known for his thick Dublin accent, storytelling and infectiously simple choruses. Selló speaks directly to and on behalf of a generation, that with every lyric he aims to inspire his audience to work harder and achieve all they dream of.

Writing the mixtape Selló says  I feel this tape is something I’m super proud of and I’m happy I’m being real to myself. I feel like this will change the way Irish music is taken in and also will encourage people to be authentic to themselves and their music. This could be a life changer for me.’

Having penned his mixtape last year, songs ‘Dublin’ and ‘Molly Malone’ are love songs to his home town.  His rapid fire rhymes on ‘Process’ confronts the hardships and rawness of everyday life. His songs delve into a wide variety of hard-hitting narratives of growing up in Clondalkin.  ‘Storymode’ confronts the struggle young men face who have little or no support ‘How the f*ck is a boy meant to raise a man’ . Other songs explore love, dreams and all that is in between.  The current single ‘No Love’ is a more dance-leaning banger that unveils the toxicity of a bad relationship.  And the soulful ‘Slainte’ portrays the gritty reality facing many youths across Ireland today.. ‘I’m just a young black youth, with million dollar plans, got this money on my mind, with no time on my hands’

The Mixtape includes features  appearances from  Robbie G, Reggie, JRILLA , Offica and Evans Junior and was produced  by Max Crowley.

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