Dublin-Based Alt-Pop Artist Valerie Rose Releases Her Debut Single ‘My Head’ 

Just a taste of what is to come from this gifted young artist, the seventeen-year-old multi-instrumentalist, who has mastered playing multiple instruments including guitar and piano,  has been creating music since the tender age of 10 years old. Growing up surrounded by music, with influences from her mother and her vocal coach, has constantly encouraged Valerie Rose to refine her musical skills and enhance her vocal abilities. 

Over the last year,  she has been working with Diffusion Lab, the record label & management company based in The Playground, Dublin. They assisted in further developing her sound to a place where she is now ready to share her music with the world…‘I always felt like music was the path I had to go and that everything else felt wrong and not me’. 

Finding inspiration in all that she sees around her in daily life, her songwriting explores these experiences with clever, quick lyrics matched with alt-pop hooks.  

About ‘My Head’, Valerie Rose says  “It began in the same way that many of my songs do: I was humming melodies in my kitchen and liked the pattern, saving to it voice memos. The first line came from mumbling, “I’ve been such a wreck now.” That line was essentially the song’s inspiration. I was prompted to ask questions to elaborate on the statement. Why would I be feeling this way? or what happened to make me a mess? The lyrics to the song were created while brainstorming answers to those questions. I’m very excited for people to hear “My Head,” my first release! I’ve been looking forward to making music since I first started writing songs. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the song and for many more to be released. 

 “My head” was co-written by Valerie Rose and Lauryn Gaffney. The track was recorded and produced by acclaimed producer, Chris Bubenzer AKA Benza in The Playground.  The duo put all they could into the track and feel it is now ready to be heard! And for everyone to get to know Valerie Rose, the promising new act is ready to hit the Irish music scene, this is just the start!  

‘My Head’ is out now on Diffusion Lab. 


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