Choir!Choir!Choir!: Epic 80’s Singalong coming to Dublin

Canadian choral project Choir!Choir!Choir! bring their Epic 80’s Singalong to the 3Olympia Theatre on Sunday 19th March 2023. A show for all ages and all ranges which is sure to leave audiences ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’.

Tickets from €27.50 including booking fees on sale Friday 18th November at 9AM

The Epic 80’s Singalong! NOTHING BEATS THE 1980s! NOTHING! From Prince, Madonna, & George Michael…To Bon Jovi, Whitney, & Journey… the 80s had it covered when it came to EPIC pop hits. And now, it’s time for YOU and Choir!Choir!Choir! to take a journey through the 80’s as they lead and YOU SING!

Choir! Choir! Choir! is a show where the crowd is the star. Every show, Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman create something electric with the audience – it’s comedy, it’s interactive, and it’s all about the audience. There are no auditions – Show up and they’ll have you singing in harmony in no time! It is a night that sparks into something so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Founded in 2011, Choir! Choir! Choir! has amassed a dedicated and passionate community of singers and a thriving international fan base on YouTube amassing millions of views on their videos.

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