Shiv Brand new single ‘Late Now’ out today

Shiv has been releasing music independently since 2019.  Her debut single ‘Here’ ushered in a singer and songwriter that shed new light on classic ‘90s R&B, albeit with extra creamy, sensual warmth. Other songs such as ‘Over’, ‘You and I’, ‘Hold Me’, ‘Golden’, and ‘Letting You Know’, showcased a song-writing talent that was ripe for discovery far beyond the remit of Ireland, amassing 20 Million Global streams.

‘Late Now’ is her first release with Warner Music Ireland. Delighted to welcome shiv to the label,  Senior Vice President Priscilla Kotey says ‘shiv’s music spoke to me on so many levels, from her artistry, to song-writing, I just want the world to know about her. We are incredibly excited to work together’. shiv’s songs have rippled out into the world in a calm, unhurried way that reflects shiv herself: expressive, caring, and self-aware. Having studied Educational Psychology at UCD, Shivs ability to understand human behaviour is reflected in her songs, but also understanding her own feelings about the world around her.

shiv wrote ‘Late Now ’while she was living in Paris with a production duo called Superparka. ‘I tried my best to portray a feeling of frustration and chaos through the lyrics and ensured that was a key part of the production. It’s really exciting to show people a different side to me, show that I’m not bound to a specific genre/mood and begin to grow as an artist both thematically and musically.’ Adding that she wrote from her own experiences of feeling between two worlds.. For shiv it is a song of frustration at both herself but the world around her, while time continues to tick on and we are forever ‘late Now’ to substantial change. But a song that she really enjoyed making, and was an emotionally cathartic song to write.

This is the first of new music to be released in 2023. Expect lots more news from shiv in the coming months.  

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