The Latest Episode Of Tech Powered Luxury Featuring Irish Designer Aoife McNamara

Available on all platforms Tuesday, 31st of January 2023, Irish designer of the moment, Aoife McNamara, is the latest guest to join the trailblazing podcast Tech Powered Luxury.

Hosted by Galway native and real-life ‘Emily in Paris’, Ashley McDonnell, the new episode of Tech Powered Luxury sees two Emerald Isle innovators share the ins and outs of breaking into an industry many dream of, and the journey from rural Ireland to the world stage for Aoife’s namesake brand.


Ashley and Aoife discuss the fascinating journey the young designer took to launch her own eponymous label in 2019. From studying at the Limerick School of Art & Design, an internship with Marc Jacobs in New York City to working at Paris Fashion Week, and later showing her own collection during the iconic bi-annual extravaganza in 2022.  

Aoife delves deep into the route she took to launch her namesake slow-fashion label, her digital-first approach, the learns along the way and most importantly her discovery of the ‘Why’ – something she passionately feels all entrepreneurs should discover regardless of industry. 

Aoife also touches on what’s next! Throughout 2023, and beyond, Aoife is excitedly looking into expanding her successful brand, launching across the Atlantic in the United States with an upcoming fashion show during New York Fashion Week in September. The United States is a new market for Aoife and one she is very excited about perusing, but not one she is unfamiliar with, as she explains she has amassed a regular American client base at Aoife’s Cottage, which is located just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Adare Manor, Co. Limerick. In the episode, Aoife also discusses her USA approach – catering for the varying customers on both coasts and what she feels will resonate most with each. 

Not content with just targeting the USA in 2023, Aoife speaks about a unique launch far beyond into the Metaverse, further cementing a long-term legacy as a homegrown fashion house broadening horizons and reaching into a tech-focused space, while forging a natural, environmental ethos with sustainability at its core. 

The thought-provoking conversation touches on Aoife’s desire to create a brand inspired by nature to protect nature, her research into unique, sustainable and eco-conscious materials which allow for a luxurious end product for the consumer and will stand the test of time without impacting the environment or generating any unintended mass waste or overproduction, of which many parts of the fashion industry are known for.

Aoife also discusses her passion for cultivating a longstanding community through partnering with local suppliers and artists as well as hosting mindful and wellness events, fostering collaboration and empowerment in a variety of unique avenues. 

Aoife’s mission has always been to reimagine the future of sustainable design by reconnecting the fashion industry to the natural world, committed to an innovative future that values creativity and beauty, people and planet, and quality over quantity. 

These messages, among many more, are heard throughout the podcast, which will leave listeners inspired, awakening one’s own creative mindset, from the very start. 

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