Grá ar an Trá looking for contestants

Ever fancied being on the Irish version of Love Island?

Well if you have Virgin Media are on the hunt for singletons to apply for their new dating show ‘Grá ar an Trá“ or ‘Love on the Beach’.

It’s being called Ireland’s answer to Love Island and will see contestants pairing up in scenic Irish locations while trying to learn our native language.

Shooting this summer, this is the Gaeltacht like you’ve never seen it before. ‘Grá ar an Trá’ will see singletons couple up and get cosy, as they get to grips with the language… and each other.

Through fun tasks, cheeky challenges and romantic rendez-vous, our couples will compete to find love and be crowned the couple with the most focal.

If you’re interested in signing up for Gra ar an Trá, you can apply by following this link or email for more details.

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