What Y2K fashion actually looked like

The early 2000s was a wild time to be a teenager.

We knew it was coming, but now it has officially arrived, 2000s trends are back in fashion.

Now not quite all of them and not how we remember them as Gen Z has put a more stylish spin on

Nevertheless Y2K fashion is one of the biggest trends at the moment, with many vintage stores and
Depop shops finding early 2000s pieces much in demand.

As someone who was a teenager during the early to mid 2000s I still have a few pieces from the era that
I might have to pull out of retirement.

Saying that there are still outfits and styling choices I’m happy enough to leave back in 2005.

Below are some of my outfits from between 2002 to 2007 for you to enjoy and more than likely mock
but I’m telling you now it was the style at the time.

All denim with crunchy gel curls

You remember when Britney and Justin Timberlake wore those iconic all denim outfits?

Well they weren’t the only ones who went a bit over board as I owned denim everything in the early

We’re talking denim hats (two of which my daughter now wears), denim jackets, denim tops, even
denim runners I kid you not.

Above is a photo from around 2002/03 of me wearing one of my all denim outfits and yes even the shirt
is denim.

Dress over jeans, it’s called fashion

I feel like ‘dresses over jeans in Paris’ sounds like the prequel to Emily in Paris and in a way it sort of was.

Above is a photo of me in Paris in 2005 rocking a special type of top/dress especially made for wearing
over jeans.

As I said in my intro, wild times.

I’m not going to lie I kinda wish I still had that top as it was actually really cute (it had spaghetti straps
the sleeves are a shirt I layered over it).

When you migrate from Central Bank to Stephen’ s Green in your home-made MCR top

Layering was THEE TREND of the early 2000s and it wasn’t just for your bottom half, oh no.

All you have to do is look at any MTV awards show, or literally any TV show at the time to see that it
really wasn’t an outfit if you weren’t wearing a t-shirt, a vest top, a waist coat and a bolero.

One of my friends sneaky took this snap of me in a fabulous t-shirt and vest top combo around 2006/07.
I also love that you can see my friend’s dolly shoes as they were peak Y2K fashion.

There’s many more photos I could go through but I will end up with this pièce de résistance which is…

1978 or 2002? Who can tell?

While now teens are going crazy for Y2K, when I was making my confirmation it was all about the 1970s

Just about everyone in my year had flares in one colour or another and the platform sandals were a
must (my grandmother made me wear socks with mine because she said Jesus didn’t want to be looking
at me toes).

My hair is three times darker than the colour it actually was in this photo because it was in 5 million
twists bet down in 20 layers of hair gel, covered in dozens of butterfly clips and Velcro stick on love
hearts that tore most of my hair out when I removed them.

You can’t see from this angle but my t-shirt was also pink tie dye because of course it was.
The only thing I still have from this outfit is the handbag which would probably sell for a few quid on
Depop these days.

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