T.A Narrative are a duo from Limerick, Ireland composed of Tara and Anna.

Together, both are inspired by their personal narratives, a love of art, literature, feminism, culture, and each other’s music, firmly maintaining their long-lasting musical partnership.

Drawing influences from post-punk, electronic, and sparkly pop music (from Fugazi to Carly Rae Jepsen), they have been described as having a charming abandon and a palpable sense of freedom and joy in the music that they create.

Commenting on the genesis of their new Single ‘IF I Was A Man’ Tara says:

“This track is challenging to sum up… It is a reflection of the struggles we still face as a society. Our rights are constantly progressing and regressing. It’s a way to mark and archive where we have come from. We can highlight what we have and haven’t achieved and what we can hope to strive for and celebrate in our future.

The fight goes on…”

The song ‘If I Was A Man’ is out on Friday, February 24th, and was Recorded and Produced in SASP studios by T.A. Narrative. Mixing and additional production by Ian Ring.

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