Dingle Distillery launch New Single Malt Whiskey celebrating the celtic festival of Bríd

Dingle Distillery have launched a new single malt Whiskey themed around celtic traditional spring celebrations and the goddess Bríd, (or St. Bridget in the christian world), whose celebratory weaved crosses are still found all across Ireland each spring.

Dingle have made a name for themselves in recent years as one of the most successful independent Irish distilleries, with their gin, vodka and whiskey now widely celebrated and awarded worldwide.

We got invited along to their event in Mulligan’s grocer (D7) to try out their latest whiskeys, paired with a fabulous food menu put together with independent Irish women producer sourced ingredients by the chefs at Mulligan’s.

At 50% alcohol by volume, the signature Lá le Bríde seems dauntingly strong at first glance.

However, the sweet bourbon flavours and enticing notes of Rye pleasantly massage out it’s strength.

This seductive, delicately finished whiskey is sadly out of stock on Dingle’s web store (at time of writing), and it’s easy to understand why. Keep an eye out for it in all good Whiskey stockists.

After a hearty feed we were also treated to a Brigid’s Cross making workshop hosted by Sarah Eva Art.

Alongside the Lá le Bríde, we sampled other flavours and finishes from Dingle, as we’re reliably informed that Irish Distillers have far more freedom to experiment.

We hope to see some of these available to the public soon. Keep an eye on https://dingledistillery.ie for more

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