CARRON are setting the stage for their immersive new single Right Time

Irish band CARRON are setting the stage for their immersive new single, ‘Right Time’, a gorgeous new release accompanied by a cinematic video filmed at Lough Tay Co.Wicklow.

This enchanting new single is an attempt to sooth and reassure during a period of turmoil caused by deep loss.

Emotive and wonderfully cathartic, ‘Right Time’ is part of the healing process, giving a voice to the struggle that follows a heartbreaking moment.

Steeped in haunting, ethereal vocals and sweeping instrumental tones, ‘Right Time’ is a somber yet triumphant track that showcases the power of Méabh and Mella’s vocals, giving depth to the music and channeling heartbreak and sorrow into a devastating musical piece.

“This song is raw and honest in an attempt to heal the heart and soul. We use music as a powerful tool to help us cope and we write to help heal the wounds we have acquired. Producer Richey McCourt brought this song to life and it’s a bigger sound than our usual offerings, which it had to be to convey the trauma. Like ‘Lights Up’ it’s a nod towards our background performing in musicals as children.”

A gorgeous release that perfectly builds on CARRON’s evocative style, ‘Right Time’ delivers a raw, honest sound that is soulful, organic, and lyrically intense. 

Sisters and multi-instrumentalists Méabh and Mella Carron formed their namesake band as a healing project during a period of extensive hospital treatment.

Alongside guitarist, violinist, and co-writer Darragh McGrath, the trio have established themselves with a string of impressive releases, extensive Irish airplay, and sold-out shows at music venues across Ireland.

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