Irish by design: Lia Cowan of LIA

When we think of Irish designers a few including Philip Tracey, Simone Roche and Paul Costelloe might spring to mind, but there are some new designers quickly rising in the ranks.

One of those being Lia Cowan.

Lia is an artist and designer whose mixed Jewish and Irish heritage has opened a portal where inspiration threads are spun from folklore and mysticism.

Delving into our mythical past, Lia reimagines a future where the ghosts of the past become us.

Each of her pieces embodies its own story and has at its heart, its own personal textile tale – handcrafted, hand embellished, hand-embroidered, and handheld. Going through a transformative journey of casting, gathering, embroidering.

While a lot of modern designers opt for angular shapes in their pieces, Lia explores themes of femininity, with soft ethereal bespoke ensembles.

In recent years Lia’s work has been much sought after by celebrities and her pieces have graced the covers of several magazines.

Lia’s main objective in designer her collections is to create timeless pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation.

As well as creating haute couture dresses and tops, Lia also has a myriad of casual wear pieces on her website, with everything from hair accessories to t-shirts, my personal favourite being her Tulip cropped tee.

Lia Cowan’s pieces range in price from €40 to €900 and are available to buy from her website

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