Irish music releases this month: DOTTS O’CONNOR /IMELDA KEHOE / THE CARDINAL SINS


Imelda Kehoe is an Irish Contemporary Folk singer-songwriter who has created her own style, which is influenced by Folk, Blues, and with elements of Soul.

Her songs are melody-rich, weaving a tapestry of stories, and life experiences written with the listener at heart and with a definite World music feel. Hailed by RTE Radio 1 and BBC Radio Ulster as one of the finest singer-songwriters to have emerged from Ireland in recent years, the Album, ‘Leave Your Light On’ was written during the year after the loss of Imelda’s brother, who passed away from Melanoma, aged 47.

Their experience as a Family in supporting him and being with him when he died, weaves in and out of the album but it is not the intention for it to be melancholic or Sad, rather to celebrate life. It was written with a Lightness of Touch and if there was one word that the artist would like people to describe it would be Gentle.


He has been best known for his creative contributions as lead guitarist for the Choice-nominated bands Come On Live Long and Dirty Dreamer; however, Dotts O’Connor has taken a departure from his previous work with these groups and released a solo album to mark the beginning of his new chapter.

Having spent the past decade performing and collaborating with his fellow bandmates, it was a move from Dublin to Cavan that provided him with the freedom to explore and build on his own material independently after spending the previous decade performing with them.


Celtic Punk Rock band The Cardinal Sins formed in 2013 with six members making up the band. With a line-up that includes four lead singers, all of whom deliver great performances on the new EP, there are many strong vocals on display.

In their high-energy style, the band performs a wide variety of contemporary, traditional, and original songs that are influenced by the likes of The Pogues, Flogging Molly, and The Dropkick Murphys. Their EP titled ‘Hate The Sin Love The Sinner’, is out now, and was completed over a period of two years beginning in January 2020, but due to the intermittent Covid Lock Downs and travel restrictions, it was a lengthy project that took patience and time to complete.  The Cardinal Sins have enjoyed continuous success since forming, including the release of a live EP, an EP of two songs, two original singles, and, during the Covid pandemic, a brand new EP was recorded.

They have played many festivals & theatres in the U.K as well as playing on the Irish festival circuit alongside bands such as Ash, The Coronas, Damien Dempsey & Chris Jagger (Mick Jaggers Rolling Stones Brother)

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