Eavanna Breen Announces Clinic Rebrand & Her First Ever Skin Product

Irish skincare expert and aesthetician to the stars, Eavanna Breen (celebrities such as Samantha Mumba, Thalia Heffernan and Greg O’Shea only trust their skin health with Eavanna), founded Akina Beauty and Laser Clinic in 2006, and has today announced the rebranding of the renowned clinic to the ‘Eavanna Breen Skin and Laser Clinic’.

Eavanna has spent the past 17 years establishing her own reputation, as well as her clinic’s, as one of the best in Ireland.

To the point that it is widely known within the Irish beauty industry that clinic owners nationwide are always watching to see what products or treatments Eavanna will endorse next, as the industry’s foremost trusted leader.

And today Eavanna is so excited to announce the rebrand of her clinic to her own name. Now at 50 years old, and feeling the best and most confident she ever has, Eavanna knew that this was the right time.

Along with the name rebrand, Eavanna has also redesigned and invested in her Dublin 2 clinic, giving it a beautiful new minimalist aesthetic but most importantly keeping the best in Irish skincare talent. 

Speaking about the rebranding of ‘Akina Beauty and Laser Clinic’ to ‘Eavanna Breen Beauty and Laser Clinic’, Eavanna said:

“I have poured my heart and soul into building this clinic, and I wanted to reflect that by rebranding it under my own name. By doing so, I am making a statement that I stand behind the quality of services we provide and that my personal reputation is on the line with every client that walks through our doors. It’s not just a business, it’s a reflection of who I am and what I believe in.”

“I’m also excited to breathe new life into the clinic alongside the new name, I am currently giving the clinic a makeover. We’ve been working with an incredible Irish creative team on everything from the new logo, to the new look and atmosphere of the clinic”.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Eavanna has always been renowned across the Irish beauty industry for continuously seeking out new, effective and innovative approaches to skincare. And in her 30+ years within this industry, no skincare brand has ever impressed her as much as German, artificial-intelligence led brand ‘Skinmade’.

The clinic rebrand coincides with Eavanna finally introducing her first ever self-made skincare product, introducing the Skinmade by Eavanna Breen ‘Hyaluronic Intensive Serum’.

Now at 50 years old and feeling like she is at the pinnacle of her career, Eavanna has finally put her immense knowledge base built up to this point into designing an expert skincare product.

After two years of planning and development, the Skinmade by Eavanna Breen ‘Hyaluronic Intensive Serum’ ensures the skin remains hydrated while also helping to reduce wrinkles and lines.

Like all Skinmade products, the new serum has been developed and trialled in the world’s number one applied science institute in Munich.

Speaking about the new serum launch, Eavanna Breen said:

“We have worked tirelessly to develop a unique formula. This hyaluronic acid serum gives the skin a sudden moisture boost and, at the same time, improves its hydration level over a longer period of time.

The peptides in the serum slow the thinning of ageing skin and help to minimise fine lines. We have included hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights to hydrate the skin on all levels: the skin looks plump and feels supple. Its elasticity is improved, and the production of hyaluronic acid within the skin cells is stimulated as well, delivering exceptional results.”

One of Eavanna’s many celebrity clients, Irish pop sensation Samantha Mumba said about trialling the new serum:

“I’ve been going to Eavanna Breen for 5 years, and the woman is a genius. I truly believe there’s nothing beauty or skin related she doesn’t know and no skin issue or concern I wouldn’t trust her to treat.

She has got my skin health to the best it has ever been and I’m so excited for her with this rebrand and product launch. I have had a few months to trial the new Hyaluronic Acid serum before anyone else, and I can promise you that it has made such a difference! My skin is so moisturised and just glowing!”

The new serum is available at the Eavanna Breen Clinic or online at www.eavannabreen.ie for €70.00. 

Eavanna and her expert team of beauty therapists are available for consultation at Eavanna Breen Clinic on Dublin 2’s Leeson Street where Eavanna and her team will advise you on the best products and treatment courses for your skin type and ensure your skin is at its healthiest it can be.

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