New single from AikJ : ‘Stalemate’

Having been born in Nigeria and raised in Dublin, AIKJ possesses a unique perspective on R&B that encompasses everything from addictive funky grooves to soulful 90s-inspired croons, making it a great blend for the R&B genre.

With AIKJ’s music there is a distinct signature that emerges, ranging from a soulfully smoked-out sound to an enigmatically energetic beat.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Labrinth, Timbaland, Chris Brown, and Lucky Daye, the music he makes is both edgy and eclectic.

With over a million streams across multiple digital service providers, cover spots on editorial playlists and millions of radio impacts on national and international radio stations such as SiriusXM, BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio USA and UK, AIKJ has just announced its brand new single ‘STALEMATE’, which will be released on March 31st.

Speaking on the new single, AIKJ comments:

“There is something about stalemate that calls into question why we are attracted to chaotic situations in relationships and in general life.

Showing the dynamic of lovers purposefully and intentionally taking it upon themselves to drive the other nuts is something to be evaluated in our everyday interactions.

It is essentially about two people that feel right for each other in the chaos they create for each other. As they cause more harm to each other, their love grows stronger…”

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