Irish broadcaster and personality Darren Kennedy today launches ‘The Number’, a new podcast series inspired by his recent personal journey of discovery.

The Dublin native has been open about the power of self-care, crediting therapy and most notably engaging in open conversations with friends as pivotal to his personal journey.

The importance of open and honest dialogue has inspired this series, which launches Thursday 6th April on Apple, Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

Each week on ‘The Number’, Darren sits down with influential people from all walks of life to discuss their seven most significant numbers, and how they have shaped their lives. From love and success, to age and achievement, the podcasts delves into the way’s numbers impact us and the stories behind them.

In the podcast, Kennedy explores with guests, the idea that a life can be measured in numbers and asks thought provoking questions such as:

How many times have you been in love? Is age just a number? What was the most important year of your life? We live in a world where everything is measured – from calories, to dollars, to steps, to success but can a life truly be measured in numbers?

The first guest of the series is Girls Aloud star, Nicola Roberts. In an unflinchingly raw and honest conversation, Roberts touches on overcoming the ‘wild’ early days of Girls Aloud, where she became the subject of tabloid fodder for her porcelain looks and red hair.

Discussing that time, Roberts admits “it was a lot, and it was unfair”. Elsewhere, the singer discusses her grief journey since the death of her friend and bandmate Sarah Harding in 2021 and how it has prompted her to appreciate life more:

“Time is the most precious thing we have as human beings…I think it would be very easy to become extremely fearful over time when someone so young and so close to you has ran out of it.”

Speaking on the launch of ‘The Number’, Darren Kennedy said:

This is truly a passion project brought to life for me and it has been an honour to sit down with people from all walks of life to discuss their numbers and how the moments inspired by these figures have shaped their life, for both better and worse”.

Commenting further, he added: 

My hope for ‘The Number’ is that it can be a thought-provoking experience for listeners which can in turn encourage them to reach out to those around them. As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers and I hope this podcast series can create a movement of raw and open conversations, centred around the moments that have shaped us”.

Series one guests include DJ Fat Tony, Roxie Nafousi, Nicola Roberts, Donal Skehan, Panti Bliss, Edel Coffey and Jennifer Zamparelli.

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