Shiv returns with her stunning new single ‘Heavy Water’ 

The Zimbabwean/Irish singer- songwriter, whose music has always expressed her life experiences and what she sees around her, returns with a new single, ‘Heavy Water’

Shiv delves into her own internal struggle about living in Ireland and her disconnect with Zimbabwe and it’s rich history and culture.

Leaving Zimbabwe at the tender age of 5 and coming to live in Ireland, meant adopting an entirely new culture and perspective, leaving her feeling like she had left part of herself behind.

The track layers complex feelings of guilt and redemption with being torn between a dual identity -“Heavy Water” is a powerful track that is brimming with feeling.  

‘Heavy Water’ features shiv’s stunning vocals and meaningful lyrics weaved into smooth, rich music that takes the listener on a journey of reflection and self-analysis, provoking questions about who they are and where they belong.

In her own words …shiv says:

‘Heavy Water’  describes the disconnect I have from my Zimbabwean heritage.  It’s a part of myself that on a surface level, I express pride for, but on a deeper level I don’t feel able to be fully part of. I haven’t been back there in over 10 years, and the longer it gets, the harder it is to bring myself to go. I feel like the cultural gap has become too large and I wouldn’t be accepted by my family and the people in Zimbabwe. Although I can speak Shona, I have lost my fluency in the language and cultural norms, which feel vastly different to those I’ve grown up with in Ireland. I speak only sporadically to my Zimbabwean family, of whom I have plenty, and feel as though it’s unfair that I was lucky to have a significantly better life than many of my cousins could ever have access to, partly due to the privilege that having one white parent has afforded me. Time and experience has diluted my heritage, blurring my self-identity and leaving me drowning in questions of who I am, who I’m meant to be, and why I should have the opportunities that I have over anyone else on the Zimbabwean side of my family’

Last night, shiv celebrated the release of ‘Heavy Water’ at the ever popular story-telling night, Seanchoiche at Fumbally Café. Seanoiche is the brain-child of Ciaran Gaffney, who has grown the night from monthly Dublin events to events across Europe and beyond, creating a safe space of acceptance, where people can tell their inspiring life stories. Co-hosting the night with Ciaran, Shiv felt it was the perfect stage to share the complex subject of ‘Heavy Water’ and belonging. Inviting speakers to share their experiences of not fitting into one box. Her guest speakers included, musician Maverick SabreMake-up artist and influencer, Elaine Cruz, influencer and activist, Amanda Ade, shiv’s sister Chiedza and her best friend Maya. 

’Heavy Water’ is shiv’s second single to be released via Warner Music Ireland. ‘Late Now’ was released in late January 2023, receiving praise from Nialler9, Goldenplec, HotPress, 2FM, Today FM. Along with international support on UK BBC Radio One and KRCW in the States.


shiv is a DJ turned singer- songwriter and producer. The Dublin-based artist has a unique sound and musical background. Born in Zimbabwe to a musical family and then moving to Ireland at the age of 5, shiv’s music is influenced by the music of her childhood and mastered by the mindful attention she applies to her craft.

From singing harmonies with her mother, riffing along to 90’S RN’B with her sister and a writing music retreat in Mozambique. Having studied Educational Psychology, thinking her career path was defined, destiny just kept pushing her towards music.

In 2019, she started releasing music and now in 2023 she signed to Warner Music Ireland. shiv’s music is a unique blend of R&B, Lo-fi Hip Hop with elements of Soul and Neo-SoulNow with nearly a quarter of a million Spotify Monthly Listeners and nearly 20 Million Global Streams, shiv is ready for the world to hear more of her music.

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