Tayto is delighted to announce the launch of the new “The True Taste of Home” TV campaign.

As Ireland’s most loved snacks and crisp brand*, the delicious unique flavour of a bag of Tayto crisps encapsulates the true taste of home, holding a special place in the hearts of Irish people. 

With a long history of emigration, the emotional hello and goodbye with a loved one at the airport is a feeling that Irish people know well.

Mr. Tayto knows how to truly welcome us home, as a packet of crisps can be more powerful than it seems. 

According to research**, Tayto is the most-missed food by Irish emigrants, with almost half saying that they missed the iconic crisp brand ‘a lot’.

For those who can’t make it home for one reason or another, Tayto can ease your homesickness, and bring that solace and familiar feeling of home to you, wherever you are in the world. 

Tayto’s new advert focuses on the warm Airport welcome home but with a humorous twist!

To coincide with Tayto’s new advert going on air on Monday, 29th May, Mr. Tayto will be welcoming arrivals at Dublin airport with a tasty bag of Tayto crisps, sharing the true taste of home with tourists and Irish people alike.

Grab a packet of Tayto crisps for that #truetasteofhome.

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