Hendrick’s Gin Announce Body & Soul Bar / Stage Area & Lineup 

Today, Hendrick’s Gin announced their ‘Pavilion of the Peculiar’ bar and stage area at this year’s Body and Soul festival, Hendrick’s Gin will mesmerise festival-goers with a uniquely peculiar and unusual bar offering and stage line-up, ensuring an unforgettable experience that defies the ordinary.

Hendrick’s Gin is a brand that stands out from the crowd, known for its peculiar and unusual approach to crafting spirits. From the moment you lay eyes on the ‘Pavilion of the Peculiar’, which will be covered in the brand’s signature roses and cucumbers and even include a human-size birdcage, you will know you’re in for an extraordinary experience. Hendrick’s eccentricity extends beyond their gin’s taste, with the Scottish brand known for creating immersive and imaginative experiences that transport you to a world of whimsy and wonder.

Expect captivating performances, enchanting visuals, and refreshing delights that will leave festival-goers in awe.

The ‘Pavilion of the Peculiar’ will reflect the curious nature of Hendrick’s Gin, from how it looks, to what they serve, to the acts that are booked to perform.

The line-up for the intimate stage area will include acts such as Monsieur Pompier’s Traveling Freakshowto music acts such as DJ Duke Special’s Gramophone Club and DJ Sally Cinnamon or Opera singer Ross Scanlon, all showcasing their unique blend of creativity, artistry, and sheer brilliance. Experience these extraordinary acts while enjoying a bespoke menu of refreshing Hendrick’s Gin signature gin & tonics and cocktails.

Across the three-day celebration of the diverse, the Hendrick’s Gin team will be serving a delicious and varied selection of refreshing cocktails over the 3-day festival. The menu includes:

●      ‘A Peculiar Margarita’ made with Hendrick’s Neptunia, Lime, Agave, Jalapeno Fever Tree Mexican Lime Soda

●      ‘An Unusual Spritz’ created using Hendrick’s Lunar, Lillet Blanc, Orange Blossom, Fever Tree Soda

●      ‘The Midsummer Spritz’ created using Hendrick’s Flora Adora, Blackberry, Lemon, Mint, Fever Tree Soda

Speaking on Hendrick’s presence at Body and Soul, The Hendrick’s Gin Ambassador to Ireland, Suzy Cody says:

“We are so excited to be part of Body and Soul this year and be serving the most delicious Hendrick’s Gin drinks all weekend. Hendrick’s Gin looks like gin, but it is an escape to all things refreshingly curious, with undercurrents of crisp cucumber and wisps of rose. Every sip will refresh your senses and remind you that it is always worthwhile to seek the unusual. For those curious enough to try, we’ll be serving an array of refreshing gin & tonics, and gin-based cocktails. All while enjoying an array of exciting acts on the Hendrick’s stage”.

The opulent ‘Pavilion of the Peculiar’ will be located in the botanical-filled walled-garden backdrop, with a sublime dressing, coupled with playful & wicked characters and personalities to curate joy for attendees, all adding up to a creative haven for all that enjoy the weird and wonderful. Body and Soul Festival runs from Friday 16th – Sunday 18th of June 2023. ‘Pavilion of the Peculiar’ opening hours will be from 5 pm – 2 am on Friday and 12 pm – 2 am Saturday and 12 pm – 1 am on Sunday. Prices of drinks will range from €8 – €9. For further information please visit https://bodyandsoul.ie/realms/pavilion-of-the-peculiar

Please enjoy Hendrick’s Gin responsibly.

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