Tayto is now available in Meanies flavour!

Tayto, Ireland’s most popular crisps and snacks brand,* has released an exciting new limited edition flavour that brings two icons together to create something spectacular.

Mr. Tayto has combined the original Irish crisp texture with the unmistakable taste of Meanies pickled onion, to create an out-of-this-world new snacking experience.

Mr.Tayto’s latest invention collides the worlds of crisps and snacks, reaching a whole new realm of flavourful possibilities!

The limited edition Tayto Meanies pickled onion flavour is guaranteed to go down a treat with lovers of both the original crisp and the unique Meanies flavour – with fans no longer having to choose between the two!

If you want to get your hands on this taste sensation, it will be available in shops near you for a LIMITED time only.

Grab a packet while you can … the meanie will be taking them away soon!

Fans of this fun new flavour can get involved in the meanies magic on TikTok by using ‘Mr Tayto’s Mega Mix’ sound.

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