Dundrum Town Centre welcomes photographer Emily Quinn’s “Art of Strength,” a captivating cultural identity project that explores Irish womanhood.

The exhibition is located in Pembroke Square. It is now open to the public until the 20th of July, providing ample opportunity for art enthusiasts, history lovers, and photography followers to immerse themselves in this fascinating exploration of Irish womanhood.

Dublin native Emily Quinn is an accomplished photographer specialising in the realm of Lifestyle, Fashion and Portrait Photography.

With fifteen years of industry experience, she has worked with established retailers such as Arnotts, Brown Thomas, AVOCA, House of Fraser, and Heatons. Through this clever collaboration of celebrated contemporary Irish women and notable historical figures, this exhibition brings together art, history, design, and photography in a truly captivating manner.

Renowned Irish fashion stylist Catherine Condell worked alongside Emily to master the styling for this series, drawing inspiration from Irish historical figures and tradition.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary showcase of local talent, as Emily Quinn masterfully weaves together the threads of art, history, and the indomitable strength of Irish women, past and present. Visit the exhibition and be captivated by the resounding power emanating from “Art of Strength.”

“The idea for Art of Strength came about as a female pal of mine had to make a big life decision,” says Emily Quinn. “At the time, I admired her for her strength, her courage and it got me thinking of all the decisions us women have to make in life, and quite often it’s our strength that keeps us moving forward. I started to research a little bit more and learned so much about so many strong women from our past and from that I picked the ones that really resonated with me.”

The exhibition features the following portraits:

Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington (portrayed by Vicky Phelan), Lady Gregory (portrayed by actress Kate O’Toole), Eileen Gray (portrayed by actress Simone Kirby), St Brigid, portrayed by model and climate activist Aine O’Gorman, Peig Sayers (portrayed by actress Olwen Fouéré), Countess Markievicz (portrayed by actress Charlene McKenna), Mainie Jellett (portrayed by Domino Whisker), Maeve, Queen of Connacht (portrayed by Maria Doyle Kennedy), Anne Devlin (portrayed by poet Felispeaks), Grace O’Malley (portrayed by Imelda May) and Maud Gonne (portrayed by actress Cathy Belton).

The exhibition is open to visit in Pembroke Square, Dundrum Town Centre from June 23rd – July 20th.

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