Man makes emotional plea to reunite with mystery nurse he met during lockdown

Last week Niall Boylan spoke to listener, Martin Cummins, on Nighttime Talk on Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio.

Boylan typically allocates the last 15 minutes of the station’s 3 hour hit talk show for listeners to say whatever is on their mind, inviting them to entertain him. Sometimes they sing a song or tell a joke. On this occasion one listener took the opportunity to bare his soul… 

During Covid Martin who is 63 and originally from Finglas but living in Blanchardstown, was diagnosed with a tumour and attended Blanchardstown hospital. While he was in the endocrinology clinic he spoke with a nurse. He describes the nurse as ‘absolutely beautiful’ and the only lady who has ever attracted his attention since his wife left him, ten years ago. When his visit was over he told the nurse she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen and that it was a shame she was wearing a mask, because he knew underneath the mask ‘her face was just as beautiful.’ 

The Electronic Security Engineer went on to describe the lady with the most beautiful eyes as in her 40’s or 50’s, blonde, softly spoken and approximately 5’6″ – 5′ 8″. She wore spectacles and was working in the reception area. 

Martin returned to the hospital several times, without having an appointment, just to see the nurse again. However, although he described her to people working there, no-one knew her. He now wonders if she was an agency nurse, just working in the hospital for the day.  He says he believes they had a moment and that there was ‘chemistry’. 

Eighteen months on, he still cannot forget the nurse with the beautiful eyes and is appealing to the public that if anyone knows her make it known so that he can perhaps take her out on a date. He regrets not asking her out in the moment, calling himself a ‘prat’.

Can the public help Martin find the mystery nurse with the beautiful eyes?