My 24 hours at Copenhagen Fashion Week

I’ve been to London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week but I don’t think any fashion experience has felt quite as electric as Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Maybe it was because I wanted everything I saw coming down the runway, maybe it was the cool and quirky venues or maybe it was because everything felt so accessible and welcoming, either way I’m already counting down the days until the next Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Fashion Show One: Latimmier

Thanks to my Ryanair flight being majorly delayed I had to seriously rush to catch the Latimmier fashion show at the Radisson Scandinavia Hotel.

I ended up getting myself ready in the lobby of the hotel before the show started and managed to look like a stylish hot mess rather than a regular hot mess. Also heard many Irish accents around me so our tiny island was well represented.

Latimmier started off with a bang with a fabulous drag performance followed by an eclectic mix of office wear meets avant garde.

Fashion show two: Rolf Ekroth

The next show took place at probably my favourite fashion show venue ever which was the Copenhagen Skatepark.

Ekroth is an up and coming designer with a flair for combining the feminine and the masculine. I pretty much wanted everything that I saw at this show especially the headscarf’s and detachable hoods.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any upcoming Ekroth sample sale.

Fashion show three: Vain

The last show I got to before legging it to the airport was Vain which displayed Scandi style at its best.

A captivating display of neutrals with dramatic shapes, topped off with a dramatic heart smashing, this show was the perfect way to finish off my 24 hours at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Street Style: Copenhagen 2023