My 24 hours at Paris Fashion Week

While a lot of talk is being had about Paris regarding bed bugs at the moment, I’m going to derail from that and talk about my experience at Paris Fashion Week instead.

This is my 3rd time in Paris this year visiting different fashion week events and true to the saying about 3rd time being the charm, this most recent fashion week visit has been my favourite.

Before heading to my first fashion show I found myself in a labyrinth of vintage market stalls just a short walk from the Port Royal metro stop.

If you’re a lover of thrifting like I am this is a must see as it is literally streets and streets of market stalls with everything from designer clothes to limited edition paraphernalia.

I only had a small backpack with me as I wasn’t planning on finding this gem so I only made small purchases this time in the form of vintage posters and badges, but I will definitely be back in the future with a bigger suitcase to raid the accessories properly.

Fashion Show One: Arunaz

ARUNAZ embodies the ideas of the new Kazakhstani fashion — modern and universal.

The brand’s ideas are addressed to modern girls and women who lead a busy lifestyle and always look stylish.

Fashion Show Two: RDNT

RDNT, under the guidance of designer Andre Tan, is known for blending “streetwear” and “sustainable fashion.” Their collections have often been featured in popular foreign media such as Forbes USA, New York Weekly, Elle, Vogue, and more. What makes RDNT stand out is their unique mix of the latest “street fashion” trends with eco-friendly materials, all while conveying important social messages with each new release.

The latest collection, “Birth of the Universe,” continues this trend. It explores the fascinating processes behind the emergence of life on Earth, evolution, and renewal, all driven by incredible energy. At its core, the collection celebrates the symbolic importance of the female womb, representing the captivating journey of life and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Fashion Show Three: Diana Muza

Diana Muza is the creator and designer behind DMD (World of Spirit Design).

Through her vivid imagination, she brings the world of fantasy to life by turning ideas and concepts into reality.

She acts as a catalyst, bridging the realms of spirituality, the cosmic plane, and the earthly elements.