Lyons Launch New Biodegradable Teabag Design at Salt Cellar Café

There’s a dance you might be familiar with, and it’s going out of style.

No longer will you have to scamper across the kitchen to the general waste bin. Gone will be the days of scouring up splashes of dribbled tea from the lino.

Lyons new teabags can now go in the brown bin instead.

Navigating the which and what of household waste and bins has always thrown up anomalies, and until now, Lyons teabags couldn’t be composted.

In the cosy basement Salt Cellar Café, Lyons launched their new bags with a tea party. There were live demos by craft artists @knitwithhelen, @dannyorigami and @mcginley.stephen teaching rubik’s cube skills.

For fans of the pyramid bag, and it’s promises of superior flavour, rest assured. The rich, invigorating taste Lyons is famous for is unchanged.

The new packaging has eliminated plastic, which is a relief with evidence of micro-plastic effects on health now coming to light.

We love a cuppa, and we love the environment. We especially love convenience, and as I scrub up tea dribbles from the dance of the black bin teabag, I look forward to seeing the new bags in shops soon.