Announcing ‘Krewe South’ Opening In Dublin 2

Due to the Hype and success of the original Krewe, the New Orleans Inspired bar and eatery today announces the opening of new sister restaurant ‘Krewe South’ to Dublin 2 this week. The original Krewe, a Capel Street favourite, is widely known as one of the most vibrant and popular venues in Dublin. Like its sister venue, the new Krewe South promises to transport guests to the heart of New Orleans with its buzzing ambiance, cheeky nature, and mouth-watering Creole cuisine.

The Krewe concept is a New Orleans inspired bar and eatery fusing the vibrance, craic and soul of Southern America with Irish hospitality. Perfect for any KREWE gathering. Paying homage to its predecessor, Krewe South promises the same electric atmosphere, same mouth-watering food, but this time brought to the bustling South Dublin city location of Charlemont Square, Dublin 2.

The menu, created in collaboration with Head Chef Niall Smyth (after numerous fun-filled research trips to New Orleans), takes inspiration from the flavour of Cajun creole cuisine, while sourcing fresh ingredients locally here in Ireland. From classic jambalaya to mouth-watering po’boys, each dish is crafted to evoke the authentic flavour of New Orleans, which Capel Street’s original Krewe has become so famous for.

Speaking about the menu, co-owner Conor McCrohan said:

“All of our dishes are NOLA inspired with locally sourced ingredients. Designing this menu with head chef Niall Smyth, we wanted to ensure we kept it authentic to Cajun, creole & smoked cuisine, with classics such as Soft Shell Crab, Crispy Pork Belly, Gris Gris Salad, and Jambalaya, but ensuring it satisfied the Irish consumer. So for example swapping catfish, popular in New Orleans, to Irish cod”.

“In our determination to replicate the Beignets of Café du Monde and Pecan Pie of The Camellia Grill we invested in a separate pastry kitchen and three new pastry chefs. We believe our chefs have succeeded, while also perfecting the Irish favourite of the Chocolate fudge Brownie.”

With street-art being another signature element of New Orleans culture, renowned Irish street artist Zurdie has executed a bespoke graffiti wall outside the front of the venue and inside two very large scale pieces have been completed by Irish artist sumsone. The team also have big plans for an art wall that will commence from January onwards, showcasing Irish artists.

“We are thrilled to introduce Krewe South to Dublin’s dynamic culinary landscape,” remarked co-founder Belinda Kelly. “This sister venue embodies our passion for bringing the soulful flavours of New Orleans to Dublin. With our art wall plans now taking shape, this will add another layer of vibrancy. We are excited to create a space where food, art and an electric energy harmoniously converge.”

Another element Krewe is now so famous for, is their delectable cocktails. Speaking about this, co-owner Michael Monaghan said: “Krewe South promises to uphold our cocktail standard. Our GM Sean Ralston and mixologists have now created a bespoke cocktail menu for Krewe South. The new offering includes a mix of New Orleans classics, as well as original Krewe favourites, all offering a fusion of the deep south and Irish flavours”. 

Situated in the lively South Dublin City area of Charlemont Square, Dublin 2, the opening of Krewe South will no doubt be hugely exciting news for original Krewe North lovers, now on this side of the Liffey. For Krewe bookings head to their website and pick your side, Krewe North or Krewe South. Starters start from €9, mains start from €14, cocktails start from €13. Opening hours are Monday – Sunday 12 noon until late.  

Keep an eye on their Instagram here for the exact opening date and time this week.