Call to Darndale school leavers for Northside Partnership Apprenticeship Fair

Darndale school leavers have been urged to attend an apprenticeship fair.

Northside Partnership’s Apprenticeship Fair will see employers and training providers highlight the vast array of programmes available locally.

It takes place on Tuesday, March 12 at Northside Civic Centre, Bunratty Road, Coolock, Dublin 17, between 10am and 3pm.

There will be 30-minute slots and numbers are limited to 60 per session. Tickets are free and available on Eventbrite.

Northside Partnership is a not-for-profit development company working with local people, representatives from communities, the State, employers, trade unions and elected representatives.

A wide range of employers will attend across all fields of employment, including hairdressing, catering, engineering, healthcare, finance and hospitality.

Apprenticeships allow participants earn while they learn, without student loans or fees – and are proving an increasingly popular way to continue in education without going to college.

Structured training programmes allow apprentices work towards a qualification and gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

Apprenticeship schemes provide hands-on training and experience and help apprentices become confident in the work environment.

There are now hundreds of types of apprenticeship schemes from fields as diverse as construction to accountancy and mechanics to business.

“Apprentices can be just as capable as graduates who spend three to four years at third level,” said Dr Jack Nolan, chair of the Darndale Economic and Social Plan implementation group, a Dublin City Council initiative for the area.

“For the employer, it is a cost-effective way of employing new workers, whilst for the apprentice, it offers an accelerated option to becoming fully qualified.

“Apprentices are informed from the very beginning as to how exactly jobs are to be completed and can be moulded into what an employer needs them to be.

“Apprenticeship programmes help develop skilled work forces across many sectors.

“The Northside Partnership Apprenticeship Fair is an opportunity for those struggling to find a job, but unable to go to college, to explore a tried and trusted route to employment.”

According to Paul Hayes, Education Coordinator with Northside Partnership, the 2023 Apprenticeship Fair was a huge success.

“Most of the time slots were fully booked. Visitors were delighted with the information they received. 

“It was a fantastic recruitment opportunity for employers and education providers to meet potential apprentices face to face. 

“There are many different routes people can take to continue In or return to employment and training. 

“Northside Partnership’s Apprenticeship Fair 2024 will give a great taste of what’s available.”

Tickets are available at: