Charlotte Knight, founder of Brand Agency London talks International Women’s Day

Charlotte Knight has never been one to fit the traditional mould of a businesswoman.

Through her now 20-year career within the beauty industry, Knight has garnered international acclaim for her creative vision and innovation, as she continues to reach new heights globally with new to market and trend-setting formulas.

Now, she stands at the helm of five global beauty forces; Ciateì LondonLottie LondonSkin ProudHair Proud and Body Proud.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

“International Women’s Day is an important day to recognise, acknowledge and honour women around the world for what we bring to society particularly women in science, technology, business, politics as well as those around us and in our day to day lives.”

What does 2024’s theme, Inspire Inclusion, mean to you?

“This year’s IWD theme is Inspire Inclusion, which focuses on championing the inclusion, the voices, and an equal place of women in all aspects of our world and across all industries. It also means for all women to feel empowered to speak and feel heard in these places.  

We have come a long way in creating safe spaces for women to collaborate and create with like-minded individuals such as female founded businesses, networking groups and spaces. One example is my own company, Brand Agency London, the home of global beauty brands Ciate London, Lottie London and I Am Proud. As a female founder, I have been able to create a leadership team with a female majority that is representative of our female majority company.

This is just one example, however there are many across the beauty industry and the wider business industries. This move has been brilliant for many however we still have walls we need to overcome. Women need to be invited and included in all spaces, especially those that have historically been male dominated. This is where we move towards equity and a truly equal space for women’s voices to be influential.

Another perspective on this year’s theme of Inspire Inclusion is acknowledging the existing diversity within the population of women. It is crucial to recognise that women from different backgrounds face varying obstacles that directly impact their paths to success. Women’s experiences, opportunities, and perspectives are shaped by a myriad of factors, including socioeconomic, cultural, and systemic biases being a few. By understanding and acknowledging these differences, we can contribute to broader conversations about inclusion in the beauty industry. Recognising the importance of diversity this International Women’s Day is a crucial step in fostering a more inclusive environment for all women.”

Who is your biggest inspiration for what you do?

“I draw inspiration from numerous powerful women in business who have paved the way for a seat at the table, making it possible for me to have one too. Working alongside creative minds and remarkable women, both at the forefront and behind the scenes of the beauty industry. What I adore about the beauty community is its genuine creativity, inclusivity and the presence of dynamic entrepreneurs and innovative leaders properly the billion-dollar industry forward, many of whom are women.

In the beauty industry, collaboration is key, emphasising accessibility and affordability for all. It’s a space where diverse opinions and expressions are not just welcomed but celebrated. I deeply value the everyday inclusivity of the beauty community, something I am passionate about.”