Irish Indie Rock outfit Understarling Announce New Single ‘Changeling’

Changeling is a dreamy indie rock song with pop undertones. The song captures the essence of a couple ensnared in the complexities of love, superstition, and the unforgiving grip of distrust. The track is inspired by the heartbreaking story of Bridget Cleary; a woman murdered by her manic husband riddled with superstition.

The muddled narrative gives little clarity as to whose perspective we are perceiving. As the song unfolds, we see the lovers gradually succumb to suspicion and paranoia. There’s a sense of unease, a feeling that something isn’t right: “Take your heart and run, it’s time to wake up.”

The song breaks down to a spectral vocal surrounded by a poignant soundscape, foreshadowing the horrors carried out by the antagonist.

This tragic rock ballad is as catchy as it is bizarre.

Understarling is an alternative rock group from Waterford that consistently surprises mainstream media with their evolving and distinctive musical prowess.

Their sound utilizes many effects such as reverb, delay, and chorus to shape poignant catchy hooks and colossal soundscapes. Throughout their discography there are pop-rock undertones, with a highly dynamic orientation that defies easy categorization. Influenced by acts like The Cranberries, Kings of Leon, and U2, Understarling has crafted their own sound that invokes euphoria while retaining a gritty edge.

In 2023, Understarling made waves with the release of their EP “Portals.” The project received acclaim from notable publications including Hot Press, RTE 2XM, and BBC Radio Ulster. Building on this momentum, their latest single, “Wojtek,” caught the attention of Earmilk, a respected American music publicist, further solidifying their growing success.

Their music and live performances offer a sense of escapism, bringing people together like a flock of starlings, united in their shared experience. Understarling is poised to make their mark as architects of euphoria, pushing boundaries and igniting a new era in Irish music