The Atrium Lounge at the College Green Hotel launches their peculiar afternoon tea

Or is that re-launches? The old Weston hotel on Westmoreland Street in Dublin was once famous for their afternoon tea platter, and carrying on that legacy, the College Green Hotel has re-launched it, with a twist.

afternoon tea at the college green hotel served by a member of staff

Naturally, this is a five star affair. The hotel is a historic refuge of high taste in the centre of the city, where crisp collared staff proudly have their service down to an art. Situated in a beautiful upper indoor courtyard, the atrium lounge features an array of stylish, cosy lounge furnishings, a roaring fireplace and an atmosphere of high class relaxation.

The platter, priced at €75 includes a sumptuous 3 layer confection of wonderfully conceived sweet and savoury treats served on designer bone china. It also includes a steaming pot of (remember the twist?) their signature in-house cocktail. Served with a flourish of dry ice, the zesty gin-infused temptation can also be ordered alcohol-free if you still plan to have an afternoon afterward.

With a generous portioning of food, one platter could serve up to three people, ideal for a group gathering with plans in town or a treat for a beloved family member. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one, we can highly recommend it!