DJ Bliss & BIA pay homage to the “808“

DJ Bliss and BIA – an unexpected fusion that spans continents and cultures.

US multiplatinum star BIA has left an indelible mark with hits like “Whole Lotta Money” and collaborations with industry greats like Tiësto, 21 Savage, Luciano (“Bamba”), and Sfera Ebbasta (“MILANO”), while gracing stages supporting Ariana Grande, RUSS, and J Balvin.

On the other side, DJ Bliss reigns as the UAE’s premier DJ, topping iTunes charts in the Middle East with his debut album “Made in Dubai,” and achieving global recognition through collaborations with artists like Shaggy (“Hala Walla”) and as Netflix-star of Netflix series “Dubai Bling.” Now, this dynamic duo has united to pay homage to a true icon of music.

“808” – a mere number to some, but to music aficionados, it evokes a world of sonic possibilities. In their collaboration, DJ Bliss and BIA elevate the legendary drum machine to its rightful pedestal. The hypnotic beats of the 808 weave seamlessly through the track, showcasing its versatility and timeless appeal, as DJ Bliss masterfully crafts intricate rhythms and textures.

Set against a backdrop that seamlessly blends the pulsating rhythms of modern hip-hop with the atmospheric allure of dance-pop, BIA delivers a lyrical onslaught. Her bars are a force to be reckoned with, as she confidently declares, “I don’t do arguments in my relationships / I’m lit, u don’t want me standing on this.” And indeed, BIA is not one to be trifled with, boasting, “I got stripes on my cheeks / Hermes fur on my feet / I’m elite.” BIA is to the streets what the 808 is to music history: iconic.

Yet, beyond its musical significance, “808” holds deeper connotations, symbolizing personal growth, prosperity, empowerment, and success. These themes resonate throughout the song, epitomized by lines such as, “I ain’t giving nothing back / And I’m gone so far I ain’t coming back,” underscoring the journey towards self-realization and achievement.

DJ Bliss comments: “It was a FANTASTIC experience to work with an artist like BIA, her vibe and energy was amazing! It’s a great mix of different genres into 1 great track! It’s a song that’s going to hit the charts!”

BIA says: “I’m a big believer in blending sounds, blending cultures and genres, that’s how you get the best music. When I first heard the beat and connected with Bliss, it was a vibe from the beginning. I’m very high energy and also love putting my personal touch on things, so I knew I wanted to make it fun and I felt like if I could make sure the energy stayed high throughout the track, it’s a marriage of all of us. It came out really great and I am really proud of it!”

“808” will be released on March 15, 2024 by FIVE Music, the joint venture label of Warner Music Central Europe and FIVE Hotels and Resorts.