Lucius announce ‘wildewoman’ anniversary show

The acclaimed band Lucius: Jess Wolfe (vocals, keyboards), Holly Laessig (vocals, keyboards), Dan Molad (drums), and Peter Lalish (guitar), will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough LP with the release of ‘Wildewoman (The New Recordings)’, on May 31st 2024, via Play It Again Sam.

Today, Lucius shares the gorgeous, pulsating lead track ‘How Loud Your Heart Gets (The New Recording).

This newly recorded, 13-track expanded version, produced and mixed by Dan Molad at Altamira Studios and Sounds Like a Fire Studios in Los Angeles, enriches the original album’s sonics and enhances its instrumentation, widening and deepening these remarkable songs. The set also features friends Marcus Mumford on ‘Go Home (The New Recording)’ and Devon Gilfillian on ‘Tempest (The New Recording)’.  

Additionally, CD and vinyl version features close friend and collaborator Brandi Carlile on the previously unreleased fan favourite ‘Housewarming (The New Recording)’.

Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig on ‘Wildewoman (The New Recordings)’:

“We wanted to bring back that same spark and energy you really only get in the beginning, when everything is new, and all firsts feel magical. But actually, we were tighter musically, the fans even more dedicated, and our growth as a band showed itself in wonderful ways. We realised that in tandem with this idea, and because of the time that had passed, we could re-record the entire record outside of any conflict with our old label; we could come at it with more experience, more discernment, and take liberties with some of the arrangements. We brought back the original five members, and we invited friends to collaborate with us to make this home-of-of-a-record even more lived in and loved. We’re proud of the outcome and excited to introduce Wildewoman in its essence, with a little more life under her belt: ‘Wildewoman (The New Recordings)’.”

The new LP’s striking artwork is a painting entitled ‘Le mur du son – ©1966’, by renowned Belgian 60’s pop artist (and feminist pioneer), Evelyne Axell. Admirers of Axell’s bold and symmetrical geometric colours, Wolfe and Laessig have utilised the celebrated artist’s classic imagery on several previous occasions including Axell’s iconic 1964 painting ‘Ice Cream 1’ which graced the original cover of Wildewoman in 2014.

When Lucius burst onto the scene with their debut album, they arrived carrying a cache of undeniable songs that found a devoted audience, and launched the band on a sustained and celebrated creative journey. 

Fans became enthralled with the way Wolfe & Laessig’s vocals intertwined seamlessly, yielding the illusion of one full-bodied voice. With its inventive, artful songwriting (including the energetic single ‘Turn it Around’ and the enduring track ‘Two of Us on the Run’), Wildewoman blended the classic sensibilities of pop’s nascent era with inventive originality and vision.

It set off a wave of critical acclaim that included Rolling Stone, who called the album “fresh and thrilling”, and The Line of Best Fit, who declared “It’s quite incredible, really, that Wildewoman is a debut album. The performances are assured and impeccably crafted.” 

Tickets will go on sale Friday 10th May at 10 am via this link HERE