The team at Bread 41 are thrilled to announce the grand opening of their newest bakery, nestled on Eden Road in the heart of Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

As masters of crafting sourdough loaves by hand and creating mouth-watering sweet and savoury pastries, they promise that their new bakery location will captivate both locals, visitors and food enthusiasts alike.

For the past two years, the Bread 41 team has been dedicated to bringing their vision for Greystones to life, with a deep commitment to sustainable growth. Their new bakery inhabits a beautifully restored 1950’s Art-Deco style garage, where they’ve preserved as many authentic elements as possible to honour the rich local history.

Sustainability is at the heart of Bread 41. They have taken meticulous care to ensure their Greystones bakery was built responsibly, using recycled materials whenever possible and optimising the building and equipment for energy efficiency.

They’re also striving towards zero waste, with a robust plan to minimise food waste and compost any that does occur while also doing their best to remove single use cup waste from the equation by introducing their cup deposit scheme to the Greystones premises too. They encourage people to bring their own reusable cup for a coffee or sit down, relax and enjoy the Bread 41 experience.

Eoin Cluskey, owner and head baker, shares his excitement about this new venture:

“We are so excited to have finally opened the doors of our brand-new location in Greystones. We have worked tirelessly to create a bakery that aligns with our core values and we are delighted to have expanded our offering of delicious bakes to a wider consumer base. We are super grateful to be back in Greystones and we greatly appreciate the support from the local community.”

Drop by and savour the simple yet super tasty bakes that have made Bread 41 a household name. Whether you’re just passing through or planning a special trip, your taste buds are in for a treat.