Brand New Animated Mixed Media TV Series For All The Family: Dún Draíochta 

Seeking tales of Talking Goats, Giants, Changelings, Fairy Folk, Flying Chariots, Warriors, and a smart as a whip Salmon? Welcome to Dún Draíochta.

Tales from Dún Draíochta is a 10 X 11 minute mixed media animation series created, produced and directed by Trevor Courtney (Igloo Animations). Funded by Screen Ireland, BAI, Igloo Animations and RTE, with the majority of the episodes written by Ciaran Morrison and Mick O’Hara (Zig & Zag, Podge & Rodge), the series features stories from the mythical, magical town of Dún Draíochta.

The programme makes its debut on Tuesday 13 September on RTE2 at 12:45 and continues each weekday from that date. The series features Ciara O’Callaghan, Sam McGovern, Liam Carney, Kathy Rose O’Brien and more. 

Each episode takes its inspiration from a traditional Irish folklore tale, for example- Tír na nÓg, Children of Lir, The Salmon of Knowledge. Tales from Dún Draíochta presents these stories retold for a modern audience. The result is a show that’s full of old Irish lore, modern madcap adventures and plenty of craic for the entire family. In each episode a character from the town encounters a mythical being, taking them on a wild and hilarious adventure – ending up with a problem solved and a lesson learned. And sure isn’t that what old Irish tales are all about in the first place? 

A mixed media series, it features handcrafted puppets with animated special effects, giving each story an ethereal, fairytale effect. 

There is something for the whole family in this beautifully made and cleverly written show. So, settle in together and join the townsfolk of Dún Draíochta for entertainment, laughter, and some ancient tales with a modern twist. 

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