Dotts O’Connor announces new single What If?

Best known as the guitarist of Choice nominated band Come On Live Long and Dirty Dreamer, Dotts O’Connor’s new solo project is a departure from his previous work with the aforementioned groups.

Having spent the past decade performing and collaborating with bandmates, it was moving from Dublin to Cavan (via London) that provided him with the freedom to work on his own material.

Dotts found himself quietly working alone in a spare room, playfully following his intuition.

This allowed him to be guided by small thoughts and daily observations which shaped his approach to songwriting, a change from working alongside the collective of a band.

His upcoming solo EP, ‘Coney’, is a culmination of this solitary time spent working on his craft.

Throughout the writing process, Dotts O Connor had only one rule; ‘Does the song stand on its own with vocals and guitar?’

Dotts’ comments on the Debut Single taken from the EP ‘What If’:

“What If?’ is about moving out of your comfort zone. It’s about taking a chance and ignoring that doubtful or negative voice that often makes the decisions in our daily lives. Told through various scenarios, ‘What if?’ is underpinned by subtle guitar fingerpicking which allows the vocalist to ask the eponymous question”. 

The song was recorded at Wolfhound Sound with Ken McCabe.

It was produced by Dotts O’Connor with additional production from Stephen Kelly who also mixed and mastered the song. 

‘What If?’ is the first single from the EP ‘Coney’ set to be released on March 2nd.

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