Sam Segurado’s new song JJ is an ode to the strength of women

Being raised Irish in Portugal and visiting Ireland as a Portuguese boy cast Segurado as a foreigner, never truly at home in either country.

Constantly evolving into his troubadour state of mind, he then moved to Cambridge at 19 years of age, Paris at 20, Dublin at 24, and St Petersburg at 27, where life on the road became the natural progression for the artist.

Guitars, poems, stories, and songs were to be his constant companions as he moved from one city to another, honing his craft and skill as a writer and performer.

It was in Dublin, which he calls home, where he truly cut his teeth on the live front, within its famous open mic scene.

Afterwards, he went on to make his first album, ‘Looking For The Fox’, which embodied the story of the vagrant. Segurado’s upcoming sophomore album, ‘The Remainder’, sees him exploring deeper inwards while reaching outwards to those closest to him, taking in the pain and the love and the fight that make humans strong.

It also sees him shifting from indie folk to indie-rock/pop inclinations.

There is a very early recorded track on the long player that will be released as the first single titled ‘JJ’, that has a melancholic soundscape with touches of Indie Rock and Electronic influences.

It is set to be released in February, and will be the first track off the album.

Sam comments:

“I wrote this song for the women I know, and the women I don’t. It’s theirs now. An ode to the strength of women, to their experiences, a drop in the ocean of their pain”.

Sam’s childhood home’s garage in Portugal was the location where the recording of the album began in the summer of 2018 with Producer Stephen Lovatt.

Sam continues:

“My great friend and old bandmate James Knox flew in from the Scottish Borders for a weekend to record drums. That laid the foundation for the track, which Stephen and I then built on over the next couple of years, in between his own mental health struggles. We brought on Shane Becker (from Indian Run) to add some amazing finishing touches, who’s now the lead producer for the rest of the album”.

‘JJ’ is the first track taken from the album which was recorded in the Algarve, Dublin, and St Petersburg.

It was produced, mixed, and mastered between Ireland and the USA. ‘JJ’ is available from 23/2/23 on all digital platforms.

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