Irish owned Coole Swan Wants Customers to “Eat the Peach”

 Coole Swan, the independently owned and family run Irish cream liqueur, has released its must have Valentine’s Day cocktail recipe, Eat The Peach.

This cheeky blend of Coole Swan, Archers Peach Schnapps and soda water is easy to make and sure to impress Valentines across the nation.

So delicious, even Nigella would be calling it sumptuous, voluptuous and all her other favourite naughty words!

Nothing on the Irish market compares to the versatility and quality of Coole Swan, a refreshing modern craft blend of whiskey, chocolate and cream.

The perfect drink to enjoy chilled, over ice or in cutting edge cocktails such as Eat the Peach. As always, the innovators at Coole Swan have pushed the boundaries when it comes to mixing with cream liqueur.

The silky smooth liquid is lighter than traditional cream liqueurs and plays well with others. In this case the perfect mix of peach and cream flavours makes for an unexpectedly delicious concoction. 


All you need is 25ml of Coole Swan, 50ml of Archers Peach Schnapps, 75ml of soda water and flowers to garnish.

Coole Swan recommends garnishing with rose petals and a blueberry at the centre, resembling a poppy and the perfect pop of red for Valentine’s Day.

To serve, simply fill a rocks glass with ice before pouring the Coole Swan and Archers into a shaker with ice.

Pour the soda water into the rocks glass before shaking up your Coole Swan / Archers mixture for ten seconds and then pour. Finish with a garnish of your choice.

Mary Sadlier became CEO of Coole Swan, the family-run Irish liqueur business, over a decade ago in 2011.

Prior to joining the brand, her impressive career included time at Diageo, the global drinks business, as a Corporate Finance Director and Arthur Andersen as a Chartered Accountant.

Alongside this, Mary has served as a Non-Executive Director with Love Irish Food and has lectured in the field of Entrepreneurship.  She has an honours degree in Economics from University College Dublin.

Mary grew up in Dublin and moved to Navan Co Meath when she married Philip Brady a fifth-generation farmer The family farm is in the ancient and beautiful Boyne Valley in Co Meath, where Coole Swan now operates.

The family business is driven by a common goal to be the best premium Irish cream liqueur and be a drink of choice for consumers across the world.  

The Coole Swan team trialled 231 combinations of the three ingredients, whiskey, chocolate and cream, until they had the perfect blend.

Coole Swan has won numerous awards, among its many accolades, being the first Irish cream liqueur to win The World’s Best Liqueur at the World Spirit Competition in 2009 and being the first Irish Spirit to receive a rating of 96/100 from Wine Enthusiast in 2010 and 2020 stand out in particular. 

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