Bailey333 Shares New Track ‘Fairytales Are Nightmares’

Irish rap artist Bailey333 opens his 2023 account with his freshest tune so far. 

‘Fairytales Are Nightmares’ is produced by Lenii, the L.A.-based Irishwoman carving out a name for herself with her crisp beats and snappy melodies.

The track is co-written by Bailey333, Lenii and Bill Maybury (best-known for writing with Cian Ducrot and Ryan Mack.)

Bailey333’s lead-off one-two punch of ‘Monsters In My Head’ and ‘Anymore’ started a fire in his native Ireland, burning up the airwaves with over 500 plays across the nation.

Early UK adopters include Amazing Radio, Reprezent, Westside and Croydon FM. Meanwhile, over on TikTok, Bailey333 has racked up 9 million TikTok views and 1800 user generated videos across the two singles.

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