Johnny Logan’s ‘Hold Me Now’ has been voted the ultimate Irish Eurovision song according to a Ladbrokes poll of 1,000 Eurovision fans.

The 1987 entry was voted the most popular Irish Eurovision song by 25% of the Irish population, while Mickey Joe Harte’s ‘We’ve Got The World Tonight’ came second with 15% of the country.

‘What’s Another Year’ also by Johnny Logan tied with ‘Rock N Roll Kids’ by Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan, both with 11% of the vote. ‘The Voice’ by Eimear Quinn trailed in last place with just 4%.

The survey, commissioned by Ladbrokes, also found that 41% of fans thought Johnny Logan was the ultimate Irish Eurovision icon. Surprisingly, 13% of respondents thought Dustin The Turkey was the most popular Irish act. 9% thought it was Linda Martin, while only 8% thought it should be Dana.

Riverdance’s debut during the interval of the 1994 Eurovision contest in Dublin was picked as the most iconic Irish Eurovision moment with over 50% of the public. 12% said it was Johnny Logan’s second Eurovision win. 

When it comes to who the public want to represent Ireland in the future, 36% voted for Dermot Kennedy, 18% would like to see former One Direction star Niall Horan represent the country, while 12% would like to see Hozier do the honours.

The survey also found that 35% of the country found Gerry Ryan and Cynthia Ní Mhurchú to be their favourite Eurovision hosts of all time. This was followed by Pat Kenny and Michelle Rocca (22%) and Mary Kennedy (15%).

When it comes to a potential future act, 25% would like to see a collaboration between Johnny Logan and Eimear Quinn, while 23% would want to see Dustin the Turkey and Mickey Joe Harte collaborate. 22% said Niamh Kavanagh and Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan should get together.

The poll also uncovered which celebrities the public would like to invite to a Eurovision themed party.  If they could invite anyone to a dinner, 36% would like to invite Graham Norton, 15% would opt for Dustin the Turkey and 10% would ask Jedward.

Nicola McGeady Head of PR from Ladbrokes said: It might be nearly 30 years since Michael Flatley and Jean Butler wowed a global audience with Riverdance, but our survey shows it’s still considered the most iconic Irish Eurovision moment. Dustin The Turkey came as a surprise to us, with those surveyed putting him ahead of Dana and Linda Martin! 

**Poll Results

(Survey of 1000 Irish Eurovision fans, commissioned by Ladbrokes)

*Of the below, select what you believe to be the most iconic Irish Eurovision song of all time?

9% All Kinds of Everything, Dana

11% What’s Another Year, Johnny Logan

25% Hold Me Now, Johnny Logan

6% Why Me, Linda Martin

7% In Your Eyes, Niamh Kavanagh

11% Rock ‘N’ Roll Kids, Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan

4% The Voice, Eimear Quinn

6% Lipstick, Jedward

15% We’ve Got The World Tonight, Mickey Joe Harte

5% Irelande Douze Pointe, Dustin the Turkey

*Of the below, who do you think is the Ultimate Irish Eurovision Icon?

8% Dana

41% Johnny Logan

13% Dustin The Turkey

8% Jedward

8% Mickey Joe Harte

8% Linda Martin

7% Niamh Kavanagh

5% Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan

2% Eimear Quinn

*Which of the below would you say is the most iconic Irish Eurovision moment of all time?

12% Dustin the Turkey and his backing dancers performing ‘Irelande Douze Pointe’, 2008

3% Brendan Murray performing in a hot air balloon, 2017

4% Donne & Joe performing ‘Love?’ with an Irish Dancing Troop as backing dancers, 2005

50% Riverdance debut during the interval performance at Eurovision in Dublin, 1994

12% Dana being crowned the first Irish winner of Eurovision, 1970

12% Johnny Logan winning Eurovision for a second time, 1987

6% Linda Martin lifting the trophy, 1992

*Of the below, who would you most like to see representing Ireland at the Eurovision in the future?

12% Hozier

36% Dermot Kennedy

12% Imelda May

4% Bono

2% Crystal Swing

7% Christy Moore

18% Niall Horan

6% Una Healy

3% Daniel O’Donnell

*Which of the below Irish Eurovision hosts were your favourite?

22% Pat Kenny and Michelle Rocca

35% Gerry Ryan and Cynthia Ní Mhurchú

6% Doireann Ní Bhriain

2% Bernadette Ní Ghallchóir

5% Fionnuala Sweeney

15% Mary Kennedy

14% Carrie Crowley and Ronan Keating

*Of the below, who would you like to see collaborate on a Eurovision mash-up?

25% Johnny Logan and Eimear Quinn

16% Dana and Linda Martin

13% Jedward and Donna & Joe

23% Dustin the Turkey and Mickey Joe Harte

2% Niamh Kavanagh and Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan

*Of the below personalities, who would you most like to attend a Eurovision themed dinner party with?

9% Johnny Logan

3% Dana

6% Niamh Kavanagh

5% Linda Martin

6% Marty Whelan

36% Graham Norton

10% Jedward

9% Ryan Tubridy

15% Dustin the Turkey

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