Polestar 2 – Can the car be a better citizen?

Anywhere you go in Ireland, there’s a common sight, the car. Whether it’s an old street village in the West, or the centre of Dublin city, the personal automobile is everywhere, parked, or in motion on our roads.

Ireland’s love affair with the car has become a touchstone of our journey into modernity, symbolizing freedom, opportunity and aspiration. That dream has come at a cost, mostly externalized to the environment and the dangers posed to others.

In recent times, motorists have become the target of campaigns to limit access in urban spaces, or discourage owning certain car types such as SUVs. There’s a great deal of trust to be rebuilt as we redefine our relationship with the car in years to come as car related pedestrian injuries reached decade highs in 2022.

Polestar present a different vision for a motoring future that’s fairer, safer and more considerate, and their credentials check out.

They were incubated as a premium electric brand by Volvo – the Swedish pioneers who gave the world the seatbelt – and this car carries on that legacy with it’s groundbreaking safety features. These include LIDAR sensors to sense surroundings, cross-traffic collision avoidance – including pedestrians and bikes – and adaptive cruise control.

The Polestar 2 is also an executive sedan entering a class dominated by the BMW 5 series, Audi A4 and Mercedes E class. It offers a premium feature set and interior to match anything in the class, with some unique, clever touches of their own.

An electric car is fundamentally no more complex than a dodgem car. The wheels, connected to electric motors, linked to a power supply are the basic elements needed to move one. What defines the rest is the computer system which takes driver inputs and converts them to an intuitive driving experience. The polestar’s systems feel both natural and intuitive.

The inputs react more gently and lightly in the urban space, but tighten up and becom more agile on the open road. The one-pedal drive system is responsive and intuitive, with the footbrake brake becoming a much harder “emergency stop” that may take some getting used to.

On the motorway, I’m reminded of the number one dodgem at the funfair, which local legend said was unrestricted.

The acceleration is smooth, relentless and powerful, all the way up to motorway speed in the blink of an eye. While no less thrilling than the number one, there’s never a sense of loss of control or danger at speed.

In the notorious hunting ground of it’s class peer, the 5 series, the Polestar can more than keep up, while still feeling controlled. With it’s lane alignment and visual wing indicators – another Volvo feature – it’s safer here too both for the driver and for everyone else.

The future of motoring isn’t only about the tailpipe emissions, but also how the car behaves in public, and the impact on those around it. The Polestar 2 will appeal to those who want a premium car with a thrill under the hood, but are also mindful of good motoring citizenship and a high safety rating. We look forward to seeing more of these better citizens on the road in the future.

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