Valerie Rose released her new single “September” on Friday, September 8th. The song is about the end of summer and the arrival of autumn, the season of change.  

Lyrically, the song depicts the change of seasons and elegantly describes the struggle people have in leaving the long, warm, and bright summer days: “Will I lose my feeling after daylight? / Doesn’t feel right that summer said goodbye / Hate to see her go.”

Valerie was going through an unfamiliar time as a result of starting a new school. She discovered she was letting fear take hold after creating the song, and her experience turned out to be more joyful than she could have expected. This song serves as a reminder that there is hope in the midst of change. 

Looking back, she says 

“I was getting ahead of myself.  It turned out I adored the new school and the people I met. They were so supportive and became true friends. Those memories mixed with the dark skies inspired the song.”

The guitar and melody were initially recorded on her phone’s voice memo app as inspiration struck. She then worked on the track with past collaborators Adam Cooke and Chris Bubenzer AKA Benza, with whom she previously collaborated on her most recent releases “Don’t Wanna Talk About It”, “My Head,” and  “Rip My Calendar.”

OUT NOW via Diffusion Lab