Shiv has had a busy summer, moving back to Dublin from London, playing some of Ireland’s best festivals including All Together Now, Kojaques festival Softfest in West Cork, all while writing lots of new music.

‘Mother’ is her new single out today and is the follow up single to ‘Heavy Water’. shiv’s music delves into real life and global themes. Her music explores parts of her heritage and the turmoil that arises from these multi-layered complexities.

In her own words,

Mother is a song that explores the themes of colonisation and the opposing natures of masculinity and femininity. It is analogised via an unhealthy relationship between a Mother and a Father, and narrated through the eyes of a child, who bears the brunt of the toxic relationship, or in other words, the citizens of the country suffer the damage and long lasting effects of colonial power. It is something that is common to both my Irish and Zimbabwean heritage, the wounds of which both countries still feel today. The masculine role is exploitative and domineering, while the feminine remains meek and defenceless, trapped in survival mode. I really wanted to make a song that had a topic that feels quite heavy, but for the meaning to be unclear to someone listening passively. The instrumental in and of itself doesn’t seem like it lays the foundations for a song a topic as heavy as colonisation, and I like that juxtaposition

Shiv is a DJ turned singer- songwriter and producer. The Dublin-based artist has a unique sound and musical background.

Born in Zimbabwe to a musical family and then moving to Ireland at the age of 5, shiv’s music is influenced by the music of her childhood and mastered by the mindful attention she applies to her craft. From singing harmonies with her mother, riffing along to 90’S RN’B with her sister and a writing music retreat in Mozambique.

Having studied Educational Psychology, thinking her career path was defined, destiny just kept pushing her towards music. In 2019, she started releasing music . Shiv’s music is a unique blend of R&B, Lo-fi Hip Hop with elements of Soul and Neo-Soul.