“A theme park for whiskey lovers” : our visit to Tullamore Dew

If you are seeking something a little different and special for someone (or yourself), I highly recommend the Tullamore D.E.W. Distillery experience. 

Begin with at the beginning. The Old Warehouse – the original home of Tullamore DEW, which dates back to 1829, is now a beautifully restored, two floor restaurant. Serving tasty Tullamore cocktails, delicious dishes and wholesome history. Owned by local businessman Alan Clancy & local PGA golfer Shane Lowry. 

Arriving at the Tullamore Distillery, we were delightfully greeted, by a dog, who only understands Irish. A huge 1 year old pup, Brod (Pride). Living in Dublin seeing an Irish Wolfhound is as rare as seeing a Unicorn. The Wolfhound has long been associated with the brand and features on the bottle, symbolising loyalty, tradition and unstoppable determination. 

We manoeuvred through the building, observing history which embraces its roots and landed in the beautiful visitors room. Sipping on perfectly balanced Irish coffee, we listened to the eloquent and knowledgeable Kevin Pigott tell tales of Ireland’s second best selling whiskey. It overlooked the actual distillery which we walked through as the large stills made the magic happen.

From the welcome center we took a small train to the Maturation Warehouse, much like the trains at Disneyland. This is when it began to feel like a theme park for whiskey lovers. I was giddy at this point. The warehouse holds over 10 million litres of whiskey in various barrels. It smells amazing. Within the stack of barrels, is the Secret Snug. Here we got to ‘dip the dog’ and sample some of the liquid gold straight from a drum.

On returning back to the center, we began the pairings, this for me was very unique. Three different whiskeys paired with complementing flavours of cheese, nuts, chocolate, delish. To add to the ambiance we listened to the musical talents of Aaron Rowe, with his powerful vocal range and diverse repertoire. The treats just kept coming.

As an extra indulgence you can blend your own whiskey, watch the process and receive your exclusive ID batch of Tullamore D.E.W. I was already a fan of this brand however the overall experience and intimacy of it all makes me want to Be More Tullamore.