Artist with MND, Fraser Holden, launches apparel collection to help others

Back in May 2022 artist Fraser Holden was diagnosed with MND with a two to five year lifespan.

For 30 years Fraser had worked as an architect but to the rapid progression of the disease he found himself no longer able to work.

It was during this difficult time that Fraser decided with the aid of eye tracking technology to produce artwork and products with his eyes and sell it to help his family.

As well as that Fraser is also donating 50% of all his apparel profits to the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association, to help others with MND afford essential services.

The new Frae collection includes trainers, totes, joggers, track tops and hats for men, women and children as well as homewares including throws and artwork.

Fraser and is family, wife Orlagh and daughter Oonagh, appeared in the Virgin Media docu-series Inside The Hospice earlier this year. Their segment captured the hearts of everyone due to their determination to remain positive despite the challenges they’ve been dealt.

Speaking with Orlagh earlier this week she explained just how important this collection is for both her own family and other families coping with MND in Ireland

“Sadly Fraser is a 100% locked in his body, and time is not in our hands. 

Frae is highly creative and he felt compelled to create something where he can help families like us but also to provide an income for his family when he has gone. And so with that he created .

Fraser has worked on this the last nine months and 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Irish Motor Neurone Disease. He has created every piece with his mind, eye and technology. It’s astounding, with order coming from all over Ireland and beyond. We just need to raise awareness.

He also created pieces of art just with his eyes and technology for an American animal pharmaceutical and they too donated to Professor orla  Hardiman and her research team at trinity on behalf of Fraser. 

It astounds in the face adversity what he is doing. He is part of an exhibition at trinity college and that will go to the student access programs as well as Prof Orla Hardiman, and he is exhibiting art for the Simon community in November. “

You can shop the full Frae collection here at Fraeye. You can also follow Frae and Orlagh on social media at Black_whitemovement and Fraeyeinsta.