InBetween Honey offer up their euphoric indie rock sound in ‘Your Eyes’ 

InBetween Honey are a true example of a band born from a shared passion for music.

Since their inception, the indie rock outfit has swiftly emerged as one of the most exciting acts in the Irish music scene, comprising brothers Matty and JohnPaul Melady, along with Dylan Hickey, Dan Battigan & Ciara McManus.

Following the success of their debut four-track EP, ‘Ludlow Street’, which earned them Cobra Promotions’ Best Debut EP for 2023, InBetween Honey is poised for even bigger things in 2024.

Produced by renowned Irish producer Philip McGee (known for his work with Gavin James and Coronas), their latest single, ‘Nothing More’, encapsulates their love for 90’s guitar music and the synth-infused sounds of the 80’s, showcasing their signature blend of indie rock anthems.

Continuing their momentum, InBetween Honey returns with their euphoric new single, ‘Your Eyes.’ A high-energy track filled with melodic guitars and thumping drums, ‘Your Eyes’ pays homage to the Brit Pop genre while delivering a powerful social commentary on the superficiality of modern society.

Lead singer Dylan’s soaring vocals, reminiscent of Liam Gallagher himself, add an extra layer of depth and emotion to the track, in a band who so easily invite listeners in with their infectious melodies and compelling songwriting.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Your Eyes,” the band shares, “It means in our generation everyone always seems to care about the cost of clothes, hair and the shoes someone has on their feet and we think why can’t it be about looking into that person’s eyes?”

‘Your Eyes’ is a song brooding with confidence from this young band who are full of personality, in a song that will appease all lovers of indie, rock and everything in between.

With a string of impressive live performances under their belt, including shows at renowned venues like Whelan’s and The Workmans Club, as well as standout festival appearances at Electric Picnic, InBetween Honey are quickly solidifying their reputation as one of their homeland’s most exciting acts to look out for this year.