Bláithín De Burca “Sauvignon Bláithín” Live at Whelan’s Upstairs 

Things are about to get unhinged and hysterical as award-winning comedian Bláithín de Burca takes the stage at Whelan’s on September 29th with her debut feature solo show Sauvignon Bláithín.

Known for her sardonic wit and razor-sharp humour, de Burca promises a wild and hilarious ride with her special brand of chaotic-yet-laid-back comedy that jumps headfirst into topics from sex and dating to neurodivergence and mental illness, self-medication, religion and more.

Bláithín has a distinctively wry humour and sassy style that leaves audiences wondering if she wants to fight or flirt… it’s often both. With her unique, brazen voice, unsettlingly astute observations and undeniable stage presence, Bláithín is all about saying the uncomfortable thing… then immediately flipping the script with an audacious aside. With her cheeky lean-ins and neurotic-yet-confident charm, a sense of mischief and versatility shines through in every performance. 

A regular billing on the Dublin comedy scene and popular TV and internet personality, de Burca’s diverse range of talents have garnered widespread acclaim.

From opening for renowned comedians like Willa White, Neil Delamere and David O’Doherty to bringing her own shows to prestigious festivals such as Edinburgh and Dublin Fringes, Bláithín has captivated crowds from Dublin to Dubai and back, adapting with and endearing herself to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 

She is an active member of the Hysteria Comedy Co-Operative, running several nights at Sin É and beyond since 2022. She has received several awards and nominations for her work as a performer and  creator.

She was an original contributor to overnight YouTube sensation Facts channel, and is a regular Tryer for the TRY Channel which boasts over 1.3 million subscribers, as well as offering her acting and voiceover talents to a range of sketches and projects by popular artists.

She has appeared on BBC, TG4, BLOC and her recent performance presenting the critically-acclaimed RTÉ documentary The Irish For Sex this year further solidified her status as one of Ireland’s most recognisably open, tuned-in comedians with something to say.